Extra Large Wide Base Dual

Cisco MX800 Dual (floor stand)

Integrated video conferencing system for large wide rooms with integrated dual 70″ displays, speakers, microphones and Touch 10 control panel.

Alternative Mounting Options

Cisco wall mount*
*wall mounting is not always easy or possible, may be relatively costly and isn’t an option for glass walls.


Content Cables

Both analogue and digital cables run under the floor and connect directly to the MX300. These are barreled under the floor for ease of disconnect or replacement

Wireless Presentation (Optional)

All Cisco codecs feature “Intelligent Proximity” which allows for wireless content sharing over the network. Should you decide to opt for a separate/additional wireless presentation device (e.g. to enable higher quality video or to standardise across video and non-video enabled spaces) one of the digital cables can be utilised for this and the decive mounted under the table.

Find out more about add-ons.

This dual-display “base configuration” includes:

  • Cisco MX800 Dual (dual-camera with Speaker Track)
  • Analogue and digital cables running to the table (with a break-point at the table)

There is no facility to house other sources at the stand (such as wireless devices or room PCs) but a wireless presentation device can be mounted to the bottom of the table (however, this uses up one of the content cables).

Meeting – Extra Large (Wide)
Basic, Dual Displays

People: 15+ people
Room Type: Meeting room
Configuration Type: Base Dual

Choose Configuration

Base Configuration
Collaboration Package

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