Extra Large Collaboration Dual (PresFocus)

Cisco SX80 + 1 x 95″ and 1 x 55″ displays

Powerful video conferencing codec designed for flexible solutions.

Single+ stand with audio

Single display stand with integrated kit rack for AV equipment. Also includes integrated speakers and amplifier.

Wireless Presentation

A wireless presentation device is mounted within the credenza, allowing high-quality content sharing without the need for wires.


Connectivity Kit

Adds high-quality, multiple-cable auto-switching and scaling to any digital input using only a single CATx cable.

Remote Support Kit

Adds effective remote support capability and usage information.

This Presentation Focus “collaboration package” includes:

  • Cisco SX80 video codec (with dual Precision 60 cameras and 4 x Cisco Mic60)
  • Two Single+ stands with 1 x 95″ and 1 x 55″ displays
  • Connectivity Kit
  • Wireless Presentation Kit
  • Remote Support Kit

In some larger narrow rooms, presentations are the main requirement with video being secondary. This solution addresses this need by combining the power of a Cisco SX80 video codec with one very large display and one smaller display to the side. This allows a very large display to be used both in and out of a call, pushing any video participants to the smaller display when sending or receiving content. This ensures content is visible to the entire length of the table at all times.
Dual cameras ensure that eye contact is maintained regardless of which display is being used.
The Connectivity Kit includes a switcher/scaler, allowing multiple table inputs to be connected to a single input alongside the Wireless Kit. A Remote Support kit is included which provides usage information and enables more effective remote support.

Meeting – Extra Large (Narrow)
Collaboration, Presentation Focus

People: 15+ people
Room Type: Meeting room
Configuration Type: Collaboration Dual (PresFocus)

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Collaboration Package

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