Collaboration Dual (Twin)

Cisco SX80+ twin 95″ displays

Powerful video conferencing codec designed for flexible solutions combines with two large format displays.

Single+ Stand x 2

Single display stand with integrated kit rack for AV equipment.

Wireless Presentation

A wireless presentation device is mounted within the credenza.


Connectivity Kit x 2

Adds high-quality, multiple-cable auto-switching and scaling to any digital input using only a single CATx cable.

Remote Support Kit

Adds effective remote support capability and usage information.


Extra Display and Camera

Additional 55″ display and camera for remote viewers.


Cisco Ceiling Microphones

Covers larger meeting spaces without taking up table space.
(Premium microphones and speakers are also available for this room). Find out more about add-ons.

This twin-display “collaboration package” includes:

  • Cisco SX80 video codec (including dual camera SpeakerTrack and 6 x Cisco Mic60)
  • 2 x Single+ stand with twin 95″ displays and integrated audio
  • Additional wall-mounted 55″ display and Precision 60 camera for remote participants
  • Cisco Ceiling Microphones
  • Ceiling speakers
  • Advanced Connectivity Kit (for more input sources)
  • Wireless Kit
  • Remote Support Kit

Combining the power of a Cisco SX80 video codec with high-quality AV components and two Single+ stands, this twin-display “collaboration package” delivers a large format dual display conference solution for standing presentations, allowing multiple sources to be displayed simultaneously via wired and the bundled Wireless Kit.

The Connectivity Kit includes a switcher/scaler, allowing multiple table inputs to be connected to a single input. A Remote Support kit is included which provides usage information and enables more effective remote support.

Collaboration, Dual Displays (Twin)

People: 15+ people
Room Type: Conference room
Configuration Type: Collaboration Dual (Twin)

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