Small Collaboration Dual

Cisco MX200 + Additional Display

Integrated video conferencing system for small rooms with integrated 42″ display, speakers, microphone and Touch 10 control panel. Plus additional display.

Dual+ Stand

Dual display stand with integrated kit rack for AV equipment. Allows two displays to be mounted one above the other.

Wireless Presentation

A wireless presentation device is mounted within the stand, allowing high-quality content sharing without the need for wires.


Connectivity Kit

Adds high-quality, multiple-cable auto-switching and scaling over a single CATX cable, enabling flexibility and ease of support

Remote Support Kit

Adds effective remote support capability and usage information.

This dual-display “collaboration package” includes:

  • Cisco MX200
  • Dual+ stand with additional 48″ display
  • Connectivity Kit
  • Wireless Kit
  • Remote Support Kit

The Dual+ stand allows for more sources (such as the included Wireless Kit and/or a room PC) to be mounted securely at the stand. The Connectivity Kit includes a switcher/scaler, allowing multiple table inputs to be connected to a single input on the MX200, freeing up inputs for these other sources. A Remote Support Kit is included which provides usage information and enables more effective remote support.

Meeting – Small
Collaboration, Dual Display

People: 4-6 people
Room Type: Meeting room
Configuration Type: Collaboration Dual

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Base Configuration
Collaboration Package

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