Cisco SX10 Quick Set

Integrated Full HD camera with 5 x zoom for small meeting spaces with table microphone and Touch10 control panel. This low-cost, high-quality unit combines camera and codec into a single, compact device that is mounted over a separate standard flat-panel display.

This single-display (SX10) “base configuration” includes:

  • SX10 Quick Set
  • Single 40″ display with table stand
  • Analogue and digital cables running to the table (with a break-point at the table)

This huddle solution offers an easy-to-deploy basic solution for open plan or huddle spaces using the low-cost, high quality SX10.

Open plan
Basic (SX10)

People: 1-4 people
Room Type: Open plan
Configuration Type: Base Single

Choose Configuration

Base Configuration
Collaboration Package

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